my head explodes

coming to a secret house show near you


Cool at Red Cat, just now. He went all the way around the store!

Who thinks drop sounds pretty awesome so far? And why is the cover not disturbing?

A few weeks ago i had a dream that that there was a huge lolipop tape RSD release and I was so anxious to get them all…

OKAY SO the rules to this game are, if you’re tagged, you do the following (you know, if you want to):

1. Answer the 11 questions I am about to make up

2. Tag some people and then yeah make up questions for them to answer 123 GOOOO

Let it be said that I super don’t know how to do this.

1. If you were to move to a new city w/o any financial worries, where would you go?

LA baby!

2. What is the longest you would travel to see your favorite band? What band?

Pretty fucking far. So far about three thousand miles. But the sky is kind of the limit. Obviously for Ty Segall or Fuzz. 

3. What is your earliest memory?

Weird Greek Parade

4. What is your feel-good food?

Sizzle Pie Pizza. Almonds?

5. What historical figure (dead) do you look up to the most?

Dee Dee Ramone. OK no, really. um…

6. What do you do when you are depressed or sad?
Watch a Ty Segall live video.

7. Do you have any addictions?

I mentioned the almonds, right? Creme de cassis? Creme de cassis with cider?. Addicted to garage rock?

8. Your best friend drunkenly asks you for relationship advice. What do you say?

No whining. And just date people who actually like you.

9. What is the last video game you played?


10. What job do you want at this moment right now?


11. What celebrity have people said that you look like?

I have no idea although I know it has been said by someone at some point… I did a face scan celebrity thing and I got both Morgan Fairchild and Larry Bird.

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1. If you could put out a record for one band in your city/town who would it be?
2. Favourite piece of second-hand clothing?
3. Best comedy show ever on TV?
4. Is there a law you would never break?
5. Which fictional character would you bring to life if you could?
6. What did you most want for record store day?
7. What is your number one drive?
8. What is the best pizza you have ever eaten and when?
9. What is your favourite city and why?
10. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
11. Who is your favourite cat?

this coachella weekend two no live stream bullshit is lame



Blake Anderson stole Charles’s guitar for a minute then jumped into the crowd thennn mikal cronin gave me the setlist
Ty Segall
Coachella 2014, Ca

Oh my god they were going to play Girlfriend and it got cut off!!

Yeah but then they were going to play oh Mary and fast cars! Major bummer. I am pretty obsessed with Ty’s cover of fast cars right now. So so good. Maybe next week?